Methodists in Wolfville first worshiped in private residences until a chapel was erected in 1859-1860.

A Presbyterian Church had been built in Wolfville prior to 1840. It was moved to another site in 1885, but burned down in 1913. 

The cornerstone of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church was laid on July 8, 1914. The congregation engaged Andrew Cobb as architect and Charles Wright as contractor. They chose red stone from White Rock for the outer walls and Wallace stone for the windows and door arches.

In 1923, ahead of national union in 1925, the Presbyterian churches of Wolfville and Grand Pré and the Methodist churches of Wolfville and Greenwich united to form one congregation called the United Church of St. Andrew’s, Presbyterian and Methodist. The Methodist Chapel was sold and dismantled that same year.

For the history of St. Andrew’s Church prior to 1925, please click on the link to the Maritime Conference Archives-

Laying the Cornerstone 1914

Since church union in 1925, St. Andrew’s United Church in Wolfville continued to grow with an increasing and active membership. An attached hall was added in 1962 and a new pipe organ number was added in the 1980’s. A number of stained glass windows were installed over the years in memory of faithful supporters.