The mandate of the Finance Committee is to:

  • look after Teller lists and Tally Sheets;
  • approve invoices to be paid;
  • be involved with the choosing of the Auditor and making a recommendation to Council;
  • receive budgets from Committees;
  • oversee the overall budget process and make recommendations to Council;
  • oversee the Operating Financial activity of the Congregation;
  • set up accounts with local merchants;
  • supply a representative from the Committee to serve on the Scholarship Committee;
  • encourage PAR;
  • assist M&P with the personnel contracts;
  • assist with donations to worthy causes;
  • approve finances of the Covenanter Heritage Fund; and
  • provide monthly reports to Council, an annual budget to the Finance Committee, and a report for the OVUC Annual Report.


Updated and approved February 2017


Chair – Cecil White
Secretary – Pat Foote