Following the Affirming Process used by the United Church of Canada, the Committee’s mandate is to understand the need for, and the issues surrounding, congregational inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community. The Committee then supports the congregation and other committees in their understanding of the issues in order for them to be prepared for a congregational vote on becoming a member of Affirm United.




Affirming Definitions


Rev. Paula Stone Williams:

– I’ve lived as a man and a woman. Here’s what I learned.

– The story of a parent’s transition and a son’s redemption.

Thomas Lloyd:
Why am I so Gay?

Dr. James Makokis:
Two Spirit Cree medical doctor cares for his transgender patients.


Anne Bishop:  Becoming an Ally: Breaking the Cycle of Oppression in People

Amanda Jetté Knox:

    • Love Lives Here. A Story of Thriving in a Transgender Family
    • “I Am A Mother of a Trans Teen and Here’s What You’re Getting Wrong about Them”,,
      June 9, 2020


Centre for Action and Contemplation  (

    • Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations Archive
      • Final Court of Appeal, October 22, 2019
      • A Deeper Tenor, October 23, 2019
      • True Self and False Self, October 24, 2019
      • For the Good of the World, November 6, 2020
“Queer Grace is a curated encyclopedia of information and ideas around the life of LGBTQ+ people and Christian faith. We hope to offer a safe space full of resources for all those navigating their journey in the church.”

Samra Habib
We Have Always Been Here: A Queer Muslim Memoir.  Canada Reads 2020 Winner.

  • “We Have Always Been Here challenges so many received wisdoms on gender, faith and sexuality that its very existence in the world is cause for celebration.” —The Globe and Mail
  • “Habib writes through a lens of compassion, hope, and ever-widening circles of understanding.” —Quill and Quire
The Living Apology Project:  A project of Affirm United and the United Church of Canada.
“Illuminating gender and sexual identities and expressions.”
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Children and Youth:

  • Red:  A Crayon’s Story
    by Michael Hall
    (Children’s Picture Book)

Book reviewed by Grace O, age 13:  People in this book all had an opinion on the red crayon and were judgmental; others were inspired by Red. Red’s parents and grandparents are trying to convince Red that he/she is straight; it’s a nice reality check, not harsh at all.

  • And Tango Makes Three
    by Justin Robertson and Peter Parnell
    (Non-fiction ~ ages 3 to 8)

Book reviewed by Grace O, age 13:  It’s about gay penguins. It’s a good way to normalize homosexuality. There is no judgment of the gay penguins by the other penguins. Good for a young reader.

  • I am Jazz
    by Jessica Hershel and Jazz Jennings
    (Non-fiction ~ Young Adult)

Book reviewed by Grace O, age 13:  Based on a true story about a transgendered boy to girl. No indication of much backlash and her family is very supportive of her. Some peers teased her and made fun of her but she also has some really good friends. This book is good for kids a little older than the other two books.

All three books would be helpful to kids to get a different perspective on how one can look at the LGBTQ2+ community. And if they are a part of the community, it helps them to know that they are not the only one and that others may be going through the same issues.


Co-Chair – Dale MacArthur

Co-Chair – Vicky Austin

Recording Secretary – Cheryl Sellsted