Who are we?

We are Orchard Valley United Church!

We worship in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

We’re most likely a group of people a lot like you. We are a united people who affirm and celebrate our diversity, strive for radical hospitality and extravagant welcoming to everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, social situation, denomination, faith tradition, age, mental health, cultural and racial diversity, or physical limitations.

We work, have fun, raise families, make dinner, watch sports, play sports, enjoy retirement, go fishing, create crafts, knit and crochet, make art, read books, watch movies, play music, go on hikes, paddle kayaks, walk our dogs, get messy, have a good cry, laugh often, struggle and wonder and sometimes doubt.

We come together to be the church in our place and time – people who explore the faith and spirituality of Jesus. We connect our human lives to God, to one another, to creation, and to ourselves. We love each other.

We believe that faith and science, devotion and knowledge, combine to be one in truth.

We are a group of people who love to come alongside people to make a difference in our communities and the world through truth telling and justice seeking. We understand that life is meant to be beauty, wonder, hope, mystery, and love. Through these things we work to make the world what God desires it to be.

Beliefs and values within the United Church of Canada are quite diverse and Orchard Valley United is no different. We believe that diversity is beauty. The New Creed is one statement of faith from the United Church we believe represents what you’ll find here.

Orchard Valley Behavioural Covenant

In this place & community:

We see the face of God in all people,

Treat each other as Jesus would,

love, support, and care for one another,

strive to listen and understand.

We ask questions and practice doubt,

assume we are all doing our best,

practice non-violence in all its forms,

honour all kinds and levels of contribution and involvement,

practice grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation,

create room for all,


do justice

love kindness

and walk humbly with God.

Come, join us.