The mandate of the Christian Development Committee is to provide stewardship of the Christian Development programs of the congregation. It is also to determine the educational and developmental needs of the congregation and initiate programs to meet these needs for all persons, at each stage of their lives. It provides monthly reports to Council, an annual budget to the Finance Committee and a report for the OVUC Annual Report.

Programs currently offered as part of committee’s mandate include:

  • Sunday School and other children and youth ministries;
  • adult study groups, including Lectionary Group;
  • programming for congregational events (working with the Congregational Life Committee) such as the Fall Family Camp and Y’all Come Suppers; and
  • encouraging and supporting individuals and families to attend Christian events and camps beyond the congregation, particularly Berwick Camp, and engage in programs for “life-long learning”.


Updated and approved February 2017



Chair – Jane McDonald
Secretary – tba