The mandate of Covenanter Church Committee is to:

  • approve the operating budget and five-year repair budget;
  • accept other expenditures not on budgets and refer them to Council for approval;
  • oversee the work of the Building Coordinator and any Ad Hoc committees;
  • oversee the work of the Secretary and Treasurer;
  • choose a representative to serve on Council, preferably the Chair;
  • choose the signing officers for the Covenanter Heritage Fund;
  • inform and update the OVUC Trustees of plans regarding major repair projects;
  • confer with Worship Committee regarding worship services at the Covenanter Church;
  • determine lawn care and janitor honoraria; and
  • provide monthly reports to Council, an annual budget to the Finance Committee, and a report for the OVUC Annual Report.

Updated and approved February 2017

2021 Minutes

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2021-02-09 – Minutes – Covenanter Committee2021-01-12 – Minutes – Covenanter Committee

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