The Outreach Committee works as an Outreach Team to reflect our values of teamwork and equality. Leadership is shared by team members taking on projects they are interested in. We depend on volunteers from the congregation and community to help carry out our projects. New members and ideas are always welcome!

The Outreach Committee also actively supports projects undertaken by the inter-church councils. We keep the congregation informed of our work by providing monthly reports to Council, an annual budget to the Finance Committee, and a report for the OVUC Annual Report.

Our current projects include:

  • the administration of the Benevolent Fund;
  • twice-a-year Canucopia Food Drives in support of the area Foodbanks;
  • Christmas Hamper Program;
  • Meet Your Feet Foot Care program, held once a month in three locations;
  • “Collect and Help” projects: stamps and pop tabs;
  • providing the supper at Open Arms in every month that has a five Saturdays; and
  • under the umbrella of the Committee is the Scholarship Committee which awards two scholarships, one for $1,000 and the other for $500, available to graduating students of Central Kings Rural High School, Horton High School and Northeast Kings Education Centre.


Updated and approved February 2017


About Outreach

Building Community through Outreach

Our Outreach Committee has decided to name itself Outreach Team- to reflect our values of teamwork and equality. Leadership is shared by single team members taking on projects they are interested in, possibly creating a sub project group. We are depending on volunteers from the congregation and community and new members and ideas are always welcome!

How to get involved

You can join the Outreach team or just one specific project. Check the project description page and the bulletin for current needs. If you have a brilliant idea to bring forward, email the secretary (see contacts) and be prepared to present it at a team meeting.

If you would like to support a certain project financially, mark the project name on an envelope and bring it to the office or drop it in the offering plate on Sunday.

See our Collect and Help projects which do not cost any money, but a bit of effort.


At present, Outreach money is only used for the projects in which we are actively involved (see description of projects) and for the Benevolent Fund, which is money available to assist people in emergency situations. Unfortunately, due to the large number of organizations fundraising for good causes, we are not able to use Outreach money towards fundraising requests from single congregational members or large fundraising organizations.

The Outreach team supports actively projects presented by the inter-church councils.

Outreach Projects

1. Collect and Help
We have set up four collecting containers in the back of the sanctuary for the following items:

Used Stamps: These stamps are going to Oxfam Canada “Stamp out Poverty” campaign, supporting projects in Third World countries.

Pop Tabs:  Pop tabs will be forwarded to help pay for wheelchair and other equipment.

2. Canucopia of Plenty
In support of our three local food banks, we ask the public to fill our “Canucopia” with items or give a monetary donation. This is a twice-a-year (Spring & Fall), 12-hour fundraiser (8am -8 pm) with volunteers taking on shifts.

Canucopia banner   Canucopia

  1. Food Bank Sunday

Food bank donations can be dropped off in the shopping cart in front of the Sanctuary. OVUC is supporting the Fundy Foodbank- the largest food bank- with the Sunday donations.

Fundy Foodbank

  1. Christmas Hampers

OVUC takes part in the Christmas Hamper program of the local Council of Churches.

5. Glooscap Elementary School Breakfast Program

Orchard Valley is one of many churches in the area that combine to provide assistance at the school’s daily Breakfast Program by making and serving toast (once a week, bagels). We provide volunteers four times a year for one week. Volunteers once need to work two morning in the week. So if you live in the area of Canning and don’t mind getting up early (you would have to be at the school for 7:15 a.m.), consider this as a way for you to get involved in the work of the church.

Volunteers for this program are required to get Criminal Records and Child Abuse Registry checks.

6. Meet your Feet Foot Care Project

Since September 2015 with the help of several community health grants, OVUC  provides free professional foot care on three half-days a month for people in need. The sessions include healthy snacks, opportunities to get other support as needed, and a fresh pair of socks (if required). Volunteers are needed to assist with hospitality and registration of clients.

Volunteers for MYF require a police records check and need to sign a confidentiality agreement. (Contact outreach committee for further information).

7. Minute For Mission

Each Sunday during the school year, a reader presents the “Minute For Mission” – a short story about how God is working through us in the world.

Donations to M&S will support the National Church and their projects. Every year, each congregation pledges a financial goal of donations to the M&S fund.

Learn more about how M&S money is used here:

8. OVUC Environmentally Friendly Battery collection

We have to admit – there is a whole lot of work to be done for the Creation – and this is presently our weakest involvement. OVUC is collecting empty batteries (blue container to be found by the coat racks). Batteries can leak all kinds of poisonous stuff into our drinking water if they go into the regular landfill, that’s why we are dropping them off for you at the recycle place. And don’t forget those tiny button batteries from hearing aids, mini flash lights and singing birthday cards. Collect them in a small container (pill bottle works).

Anybody interested in starting a team to look at OVUC and the environment should contact us – and bring a friend to start a sub-team.

9. The Rev. Dr. K.G. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship and the Arthur R. Allen Memorial Scholarship

OVUC awards one Dr. K.G. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 payable to any university or post-secondary institute in Canada and one Arthur R. Allen Memorial Scholarship of $500 payable to any university in Canada.

The students selected will be students who will be graduating with a high school diploma in the current school year who attend either Central Kings High School, Horton High School, or Northeast Kings Education Centre, and who require financial assistance in order to continue their education. The selected students will show consistent academic achievement, humanitarian qualities, good character, and leadership ability. The same application form is be used for both scholarships. The deadline is May 15, 2022.

Anyone interested in joining the scholarship committee needs to be comfortable working on the computer and using Google Drive.


Please contact the church if you are interested in any of these projects or would like more information. We will put you in touch with the team leader of the sub team.

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