Our church services are held at OVUC for one 10am service

In July and August, we worship at Orchard Valley United Church (OVUC) and at the Covenanter Church (Grand Pré ).

The Covenanter Church is a two-century-old church in Grand Pré. This Provincial Heritage Property and National Historic Site is part of our Pastoral Charge.

Heritage Designation – Under the guidelines set down by Heritage Nova Scotia and Heritage Canada, a building or property is deemed to have an heritage designation when its original structure is maintained as much as possible. At the Covenanter, examples of its original structure can be seen in the glass windows and their frames (notice the waviness and thickness of the glass), as well as the two pulpits with sounding board above.

The style of pews or boxed pews, also original, were “rented” by families – with the best seats going to those whose tything and extra giving outmatched others. The balcony would have been the place where farm labourers and slaves sat. The Covenanter Heritage Committee oversees the maintenance of the building and the Horton Cemetery Committee cares for the burial site that surrounds the church, both with an eye to preserving the Heritage designation.

For more information on the Covenanter Church, please look under Small Group Ministries. The location and directions with a map to the church on Grand Pré Road, in Grand Pré, are also included on that page.