Congregational Life Committee’s mandate is the nurturing, maintaining, and enhancing of the Pastoral Charge by the wide and inclusive participation of its people. Its primary function is to promote a strong sense of community life by planning, organizing, and arranging activities to meet the social and fellowship needs of the Pastoral Charge.
Responsibilities related to the mandate include to:

  • plan a program of social events to strengthen our community life;
  • coordinate and schedule these events with various groups, committees, organizations, and other interested parties;
  • coordinate and schedule the Sunday Morning Worship coffee and conversation time;
  • make contact with new members offering them a warm welcome and friendship, providing them information about the Pastoral Charge activities, and helping them feel a sense of belonging; and
  • provide monthly reports to Council, an annual budget to the Finance Committee, and a report for the OVUC Annual Report.

The Congregational Life Committee is also responsible for activities including: Y’all Come Suppers (formerly Families on the Run), the Midwinter Mondays in Freezing February!, Bus Trips, the Car Rally and the Fall Family Camp. The Friday Morning Women’s Breakfast Group is under the umbrella of the Committee.

Updated and approved February 2017.

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