Welcome to Music in the Orchard!


Our music program is always changing and growing!  We present music to the glory of God from the Middle Ages to contemporary music that has been written especially for us.  Our choir is a very dedicated group.  We never stop looking for new members to welcome to our fold.  (There’s ALWAYS room for one more!)


CHOIR POSITIONS OPEN:     Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass.

  • PHYSICAL QUALIFICATIONS:     Must be able to carry musical notes most of the way across the sanctuary.
  • EXPERIENCE:     Have you sung or hummed in the tub or shower? Can you carry a tune in a bucket?
  • WAGES:     Satisfaction and joy in God’s service.
  • FRINGE BENEFITS:     Social Security — we promise you the security of social fellowship with the other members of the choir.  (We have fun!)   😀
  • HOURS:     Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings, with opportunities for overtime (at the above-mentioned wages).
  • VACATION:     Missed rehearsals and worship services are primarily a matter of conscience and ability to return the glares and pointed remarks of our director.  😉
  • REHEARSAL:     Every THURSDAY from 7:00 to about 8:30 p.m. except during summer.
  • APPLY:     By contacting our music director, Ken Hassell at 902-679-6919 or musicovu@bellaliant.com.  This also applies to instrumentalists!


… and speaking of Instrumentalists…


We have a 3 octave set of hand chimes!

O.V. Chimes practices Wednesday evenings for about an hour at 7:00pm from September to June.  We offer our musical gifts in our 11:00am service  about every 6 weeks or so.  We have LOTS of fun and get a lot done!  Come on along!  There’s always room for one more!

Please contact Ken at 902-679-6919 or musicovu@bellaliant.com.