In 1833, a 50 x 30 foot lot was deeded by Jonathan Davison to the Trustees of the Methodists in Greenwich for a meeting house on the northeast corner of his farm along the main highway, two building lots west of the Port Williams road.

In 1906 the decision was made to build a new church due to the disrepair of that church, on a lot west of the original church. Plans were drawn up by Andrew Cobb, and Charles Steward of Wolfville was contracted to build the church for $1800. The church opened in 1910 and the old building was demolished.

In more recent years, gifts of land have enlarged the area around the church for parking.  

In 1923, with the union of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches of Wolfville, Grand Pré and Greenwich, the people of Greenwich added another resolution which stated that the church in Greenwich would be called the United Church of Greenwich.

The first record of a Sunday school was on February 25, 1912. A 1967 Annual Report shows 55 students enrolled with an average Sunday attendance of 40 children.

Renovations were undertaken in the fall of 2006 with generous financial donations and labour. The sanctuary was taken back to the studs, doorways were changed into arches, and wood paneling was removed and replaced with insulation and gyprock.