The Facilities Research Committee met for the first time on Tuesday, April 4th. The following individuals researched the best possibilities for our church home.


These were:
– Chair – Jane McDonald
– Secretary – Revolving
– Representative of the Transition Team – Peter Oleskivich
– Representative of Trustees: Harvey Gilmour/ Gary Dunfield
– Dave Murphy
– Cheryl Manzer
– Valerie Mosher
– Bruce Tymchuk
– E-officio – Ivan /Judy Norton
– Music support – Ken Hassell

We reviewed the mandate for the committee and discussed the different options that could be available to OVUC for our faith home. These included but were not restricted to:

– new church and land
– same building
– same building expanded
– another church building (for sale)
– rental
– purchase and renovate an existing non-church building
– shared space with another church

In March, 2018, the Facilities Research Committee completed its mandate and prepared the following Final Report. It was presented to the Congregation during the 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting.

Please click HERE to download the report in PDF in regular size.
Please click HERE to download the report in PDF in LARGE PRINT.