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The gospel express camps run from 1 pm to 5 pm Mon-Fri – Grades Primary to five is from the 15th to the 19th, Age 2-6 is from the 20th to the 24th
It is totally and completely free, snack will be provided halfway through the day.
Kids will explore “The Gospel Express” starting the afternoon in the sanctuary singing and dancing to worship songs for kids. They will then move on to one of our four stations –  Boxcar Bible Lessons, Train Games, or Imagination Station, and KidVid Cinema, they go to each station in a different time slot each day with a train-themed snack in the middle and then complete the day with more singing and dancing at our closing ceremony. Each day has a bible point that the kids will learn which is a short verse that has to do with the theme of the day and a little treat bag for the kids to take home.
Boxcar Bible Lessons are interactive Bible stories from the life of Jesus, each story is brought to life by a hands-on activity. Train games are a chance for the kids to blow off steam and have fun running around our space. The imagination station is our crafts and science station where we will be doing train-themed or Bible-themed activities. KidVid cinema focuses on the bible point and outreach, connecting the kids with our community, the videos are made by me and explore our outreach in the church.
We strive here at Orchard Valley to be anti-racist and affirming of all genders and sexualities and our curriculum reflects those values. As a leader, I strive to help kids make that first connection with God and nurture that relationship as we grow and learn together rather than expect kids to already have the information. Every kid is unique and I strive to make our activities as accessible as possible for all children, focusing more on creativity and exploration. I am a firm believer in fun and strive to make sure each kid is having fun and feel included.
All kids are welcome to invite friends along as well or come on their own and make friends there! You can attend one day, all five, or somewhere in between!
– Pastor Katie