Linda is our new Supply Minister for Youth and Young Families.  She has done both congregational ministry and chaplaincy over 25 years of ministry in the UCC.  She is a graduate of Acadia (BA-Wolfville, NS), AST (M Div-Halifax, NS) and ETS (D Min-Detroit, Mi). She is a specialist in cultural and pastoral/spiritual practice.  Linda retired in 2014 and has never stopped serving congregations across Canada including three years in Yellowknife NWT, where she became very involved in the MMIW&G and Every Child Matters Movements.  She has served in all ten provinces and three territories and has been called a ‘tumble weed’ by her colleagues, as she is willing to go anywhere the Church needs help.

Linda is happy to join OVPC as a part of the team ministry with Rev Don, Rachel, Thea, Carmen and Doug and all the valuable volunteers that give their time and talent to make OVPC an Affirming and inviting sacred place.

She is passionate about sharing Creator’s love through stories about Jesus and the peace of Christ that passes all understanding with all, especially children and youth.

Linda’s partner is Ari Snyder, (a concert pianist & composer) and they share an interfaith union – Christian & Jewish.  They begin their Sabbath at sunset on Friday and end it at sunset on Sunday.  Their home in Wolfville is a place of shalom and their table is always open to share with all.  Linda is a vegetarian, but she is willing to sit with fellow tax payers and meat eaters.

Let the feast begin!