Canard United Church traces its roots to the New England Planters who settled in the Cornwallis Township. When they arrived in Nova Scotia the Congregationalists were without a church so many worshipped with the Anglicans. A Congregational Church was later built and dedicated in 1768 at Chipman’s Corner.

Another church for the Congregationalists was built in 1786 at Canard’s Jaw Bone Corner and the previous Chipman’s Corner Church was left to the Presbyterian settlers who had also come from New England.

Church attendance fell for the Presbyterians and it was felt that their church at Chipman Corner was not conveniently located. As a result the present Canard Church was built and dedicated on November 14, 1858 in Upper Canard, and further additions were made in 1899, 1903, and 1967. In 1874 the Chipman’s Corner Presbyterian Church was demolished.

In 1925, Canard became a Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada. Kingsport was added in 1927, and Canning in 1951. Each church retained their separate identity while cooperating in support of a minister. With further restructuring in 1988, Canard separated from Kingsport and Canning to form the Canard Pastoral Charge.  

For additional information on the history of the Canard United Church we have provided a copy of M. Allen Gibson’s Canard United Church History 135th Anniversary 1858-1993