Advent Events and Worship Services to 2015

Advent Events and Worship Services until 2015 – Following are the Advent events and
scheduled worship services to the end of December:

  • November 23
    –   9:00 am – Wings
    – 11:00 am – Roots
  • November 30
    -   9:00 am – Wings
    – 11:00 am – Roots
  • December 7
    –   9:00 am – Wings
    – 11:00 am – Roots
  • December 14
    - 11:00 am – Combined worship; Guests: Berwick Handbell Choir
    – 3:00 pm – Messy Nativity & Pot Luck Supper
  • December 21
    - 11:00 am – Combined worship: OVUC Cantata
    –  7:00 pm – The Longest Night Service
  • December 24
    –   4:00 pm – Children’s Pageant & Service
    –   7:00 pm – Communion Service
    – 11:00 pm – Covenanter Service
  • December 28
    – 11:00 am – Combined worship

Notes from the Chair

Notes from the Chair, October 30, 2014

Council met this week and all our committees are busy doing the work of the church.

Highlights include plans for decorating the sanctuary for Advent on November 25 with everyone invited.

Just a reminder that the Kentville and Area Council of Churches are continuing the Pumpkin and Blueberry projects. Contact Jean Millet for more information.

The sale of the Kentville church is proceeding despite an outdated item from The Advertiser that was reprinted in the Town of Kentville newsletter that reported the sale had fallen through. That report was about the previous sale and not the current offer on the table.

Many committee members have stepped down and committees will be looking for new members in the New Year. If there is a group or committee that interests you, please contact Heather Hennigar or one of the other members of the Nominating Committee.

We are a very busy church and need to celebrate all the gifts we have been given.

Valerie Mosher
Council Chair

Notes from the Chair, Sep 17/14

Notes from the Chair:

A week ago there was a call for folks interested in speaking to the “Edge” to attend a video conference. We had approx. 10 people come out and have a conversation about next steps.

Who is Edge?
EDGE: A Network for Ministry Development joins hands with those willing to take a leap into the promise; God breaking open the church, breaking into the world. EDGE is a living web of new and renewing ministries and leaders in the power of the Spirit, following Christ, embracing God’s mission in the world.

We had some very honest and difficult conversations on how the amalgamation unfolded and how we go forward and live out our Vision.

Leslie Harrison, the Edge representative from Winnipeg we spoke with, will take our conversation and come up with recommendations for us. I am hoping to have a copy of her report for our next Council meeting at the end of the month. More to follow when information becomes available.

Your Council met with members of Presbytery on Monday evening at the Berwick United Church to discuss some of our concerns for Orchard Valley. We received assurance that arrangements are being made to bring help for Annika in Rev Randy’s absence. Within the next few days I will be speaking to Rev Karen Lynch, a retired teacher and United Church Minister, who has agreed to come and help us with Worship and Pastoral Care. When I have more information I will pass it on to the congregation.

The final piece of work we did on Monday night was to discuss the possibility of requesting that a review be done for Orchard Valley Pastoral Charge. We had many questions and we were provided with reference material and answers from people who have experienced a review. It would involve an outside group (not our Presbytery) looking at the function of Orchard Valley and an opportunity would be available for members of the congregation to speak about the amalgamation and how we are doing today. I believe this is an important piece of work for Orchard Valley and offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved and help make our Church healthier and stronger.

I will have more on all of the above information after the next Council Meeting next week.

In closing, many people are asking how they can communicate with Rev Randy. If you are interested in showing your support, we are suggesting a card be left at the church office and we will ensure it gets into his hands.

Valerie Mosher, Chair
Church Council

Yoga Church

Come and join Joy Waterbury and Annika Sangster for Yoga Church, the combination of Bhakti-styled yoga and Christian worship. Beginning September 15, we will onceagain offer: chair/seated yoga at 10:00 am and beginner yoga at 6:00 pm. We’ve also added a Meditation session at 5:30 pm. Please call the office to register. Drop-ins are always welcome.

The Edge Meeting

The Edge is a group within the United Church of Canada that helps pastoral charges to renew, reorganize and transform themselves to exist in the 21st century. We have organized an intake interview with the co-ordinator at Edge for next Wednesday, September 10, starting at 8:00 pm. We are looking for a group of 10 to 12 people that are interested in moving
our church forward and participating in this event. The event is approximately 1-1/2 hours and the co-ordinator will be asking many questions ranging from current financial status to the history
of the organization and what our hopes and dreams may be. Please contact Jane McDonald (through the church), or Theresa (902-681-0633, email hidden; JavaScript is required) if you are interested in participating.

List of Helpers for Occasional Food Related Events

Congregational Life is compiling a list of people who might be available at short notice for our church groups that may need to provide food for an event. Such an event might be a funeral reception, a presbytery meeting or whatever else might spring up. Having your name on the list certainly does not oblige you to participate at every event, so the more names available, the easier it will be for all. If you think this is something that you could do to assist the church, please email Gail Gordon at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Message to OVPC re Rev Randy Crozsman

Rev. Randy Crozsman is presently on vacation and following this will immediately begin an extended leave of absence for medical reasons. While this absence has a begin date we don’t know at this time how long he will be away from Orchard Valley. I have been in conversation with Presbytery to get assistance for Annika who we hired to be the minister of youth and young families. In order to let her focus on this area of ministry we will be looking for assistance from Presbytery to fill the void created by Randy’s absence.

I ask that we all keep Randy and Brenda in our prayers as he travels this journey to a return of health. The congregation will be updated on information as it comes available.

Valerie Mosher
Chair, Church Council
Orchard Valley United